Saturday, January 23, 2010

Demolition: Seven and the Ragged Tiger

Consider the enigma of the Mona Lisa. If there were photographs of the painting in progress, would you want to see them? Surely they would provide a magical insight to the artist's mind. As we wait ever-so-patiently for the new Duran Duran Duran album to come out, I think it's a great time time to dig into the archives and unearth some forgotten treasures.

The Manchester Square demos on the recent Rio re-issue are cream puffs, and led me to wonder in an earlier post whether or not we would see demos on the Seven and the Ragged Tiger re-issue. Alas, the track listing has been released... and no demos will be included on 7ATRT. The Rio demos were obviously chosen for being polished enough to bring to the fancy soiree, but the 7ATRT demos out there but might be better suited for a basement makeout party.

I think we all know which kind of shindig is more fun, so I've decided to put together a series of "Demolition" posts, robbing the grave and sucki
ng the delicious marrow from the bones that became the masterpieces. In the days forthcoming, I'll be serving up demo selections from Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Notorious, Big Thing, Medazzaland, as well as a few surprises.

Appropriately, I shall start with a track called "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" which, as you know, did not make it on to the album. There are two iterations here, the first and rougher of which has our beloved Andy (or is it John?) singing, which always warms my heart. What stands out most interestingly to me in this secret shadow of a gem is the recurring bit that obviously turned into "The Seventh Stranger."

Listen to Seven and the Ragged Tiger Demo - Version 1

The second version is further evolved, though the recording is poor. It's quite the sticky pop gem, and if I ever develop a sitcom about a band of merry and mischievous misfits, this will certainly be the theme song.

Listen to Seven and the Ragged Tiger Demo - Version 2

I hope you enjoy this series. In closing, I will leave you with a photo of Simon with his zipper down at the British Fashion Awards last month.