Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Danimals - TED the Lab

Keeping with the theme of Mark Ronson's side projects, commissions by non-musical brands, and never-ending worship for all things John Taylor, today we look at Danimals, the winner of the competition held by Toohey's Extra Dry to come up with a smashingly hip and catchy single for their next national advertising campaign.

Danimals began as a solo project for Sydney artist Jonti Danilewitzand and soon evolved into a five-piece ensemble, revolving around three drummers rotating around a single drum kit and separate synth and percussion stations. An experiment in the fusion of rock and electronic sounds, Danimals focus on rhythms and deconstructing traditional song structures to create some bouncy tripped out experimental music.

I've seen promotions like the Toohey's Extra Dry competition fall flat for numerous reasons, but was obviously intrigued upon hearing the winners would supposedly create something entirely new with John Taylor, Mark Ronson, Santigold, and members of the Kaiser Chiefs and Dap Kings. Contenders were announced early on, Ronson himself chose the winning band in December, and within a few weeks a pretty incredible web documentary of the Danimals journey into wonderland was up.

I implore you to check out TED the Lab if you have not already done so. It provides a sexy yet informative and well-produced look into Danimals impending dream date with the stars. The web site takes a while to load, but it's totally worth your time. Minus five points for not including any shots of John Taylor; plus three points for the scene with Mark Ronson eating a sandwich.

I'm not sure if any "official" release has come out, but tonight, Danimals put the finished track up on Twitter and Facebook. I think it's pretty creamy. It might just be the beer-foam mustache talking, but of course the bass line is killer and I'm kind of in love with those marimbas. It will be interesting to see how Toohey's wraps things up, but yeah... I think they got a winner.

Listen to Danimals "FOX"

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