Monday, March 22, 2010

Las Vegas 3.20.10

On Saturday night, Duran Duran played a private show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as the grand finale of the Arbonne National Training Conference. Family obligations prevented me from attending, but a few lucky Duranies were able to make their way into the crowd of almost nine-thousand cosmetics saleswomen.
All of the reports I received were extremely positive. Simon's voice was strong, the band sounded energetic and tight, and they all really seemed to enjoy themselves. I've heard from more than one person that the show seemed a bit "chaste" without some of Simon's signature moves, but apparently one woman was still worked into enough of a frenzy to run onstage.
The band always seems to enjoy themselves in Vegas, and this time was no exception. They enjoyed Cirque du Soleil Love (again), hit up the Ghost Bar, and enjoyed a private cabana at the MGM's Wet Republic pool.
Click on the song titles below for YouTube clips from the show. Warm thanks to Lisa Onsurez for the photos and commentary.

Save a Prayer
Wild Boys
The Reflex (beginning)
The Reflex (end)
White Lines
Nite Runner
Ordinary World


  1. An audience of 9,000 women? No wonder the boys were smiling!

  2. very nice& hurry up back to manchester & liverpool........xxxxx

  3. WONDERFUL!!! Wish I could have been there!! Thanks so much! ~Tonja

  4. Cosmetic saleswomen?! I used to be a beauty consultant,that could have been me there. hahaha.
    Thanks as always Kitty! x

  5. Just getting around to these. They all seemed to be in good form. I liked Simon's word change on Ordinary World ("I will learn to decide"), one of many highlights. Thank you's to yourself and Donna for sharing!