Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still Breathing

There's been much ado this week about Roger's announcement during a Belfast television interview that he does not expect the new album to be out until next year. The internet has been abuzz with anger, disappointment, and speculation. Reactions have ranged from mild disappointment to fans actually claiming they are going to walk away in disgust. In an effort to put things into perspective, I went through the time lines to take a look at approximately how Duran Duran worked each major album from inception to release.

Duran Duran - April 1980 - June 1981

Rio - October 1981 - May 1982

Seven and the Ragged Tiger - August 1983 - November 1983

Notorious - Feb 1986 - November 1986

Big Thing - May 1988 - October 1988

The Wedding Album - January 1991 - February 1993

Medazzaland - October 1996 - October 1997

Pop Trash - June 1998 - June 2000

Astronaut - May 11 2001 - October 11 2004

Red Carpet Massacre - November 2006 - November 2007

(work supposedly began on Reportage in Jan 2006, so you could add this time in)

In my opinion, two years or so is not really that long to work on an album. Sure, I'm just as disappointed as the next person, especially since John said last year that they hoped to have a single out in 2009. With enthusiasm, though not always the case, often comes disappointment. I don't think that's any reason to not be enthusiastic... we all just need to keep things in perspective, which I'm sure is not an easy task for us or for them.

Recent comments show that the band is still very optimistic about the upcoming album and with their work with Mark Ronson. They are keeping busy with outside projects (Simon's work on Ronson's upcoming album, John's recent work with Danimals and the New Roads school project, Roger's DJ gigs, and who knows what that devious Mr. Rhodes has up his elegant sleeve). There are the corporate gigs to keep their stage presence and pocketbooks in shape. In fact, another one has been scheduled for SAP in Frankfurt on May 19.

We can only speculate as to what circumstances are causing the album to take longer than expected. Shopping for a new label? Busy summer schedules for all involved? Imagine the pressure, the logistics, the timing and the personalities that have to come together perfectly in order to make a beautiful, unique, relevant and marketable album. We may find out the reasons for the delay, and we may not. The band's recent struggles to communicate efficiently with their fans have taken a toll on our patience, to be sure, but making a Duran Duran album has got to be a Herculean effort in many ways that we will never truly understand.

It's normal to be a little disappointed, to want new music, to want to see the band in the flesh, to want them to succeed. These are all things that as fans, we want badly. Personally, I am going to keep the faith and do my best to be patient and supportive. They are together, and they are working. They are still breathing. Let's give them some room to do this, and all take a deep breath together.


  1. Well said Kitty. I agree, we need to be patient...

  2. This is what I'm talking about! VERY well put!

  3. I remember when I interviewed John around the Thank You album and he was moaning about how Nick always fiddled too much, how Simon would lie on a sofa and sing when he felt like it. How there was always so many discussions. John gave me the impression that recording for Duran Duran has never really been that EASY. I think the slow pace is that, quite frankly, not since they were younger have they felt the same sort of immediate drive to get things done. I think Duran is a nice to do rather than a need to do for them. And for us, we want it quicker. For them, they've got all sorts of shit going combine that with the fact that they're all really different people in their late 40s...I think life gets in the way more than it did when they were 22 and gagging for it.

  4. All they need to do is more corporate gigs to collect more money...... lol just been ironic
    But i must say i agree with you Kitty in some points

  5. thanks Kitty! I'll wait however long it takes

  6. As always, perfectly written. Personally, I am willing to wait and trust their process. Though I am not a writer on a professional level, I am an artist. If I am not inspired there is nothing. It can not be forced. I would assume this would lay true for a musician as well. The pressure this particalur band has, in reference to their demanding (but loyal) fans, I cam sure can be overwhelming. I can not wait to hear what they have next either, but certainly would rather wait for the natural talent instead of disappointment. It pains me to see how "fans" are threatening to walk away and abandon them, judge their process. I've even seen unnecessary jabs at Simon for having "writer block", if that's what it's to be called.
    As a long time fan, I would like to think I have the respect to the fact they have other things in their lives, like family.
    Thanks again Kitty for reminding us of the perspective we all need to have.

  7. good job kitty

    love, shannon (simonsbedroomtoy69)

  8. seriously fans are threatening to walk away?

    I'm speechless.

  9. Glad to see a positive, optimistic look at the situation. I concur.

  10. Exhaling impatiently...but supportive and anxious to hear the new/old direction they've careened into..thanks kitty...jody

  11. you cannot rush the creative process.
    i don't understand why anyone would even consider walking away just because this record is taking longer than previously expected.
    some bands go 5+ years in between albums.
    duran duran have been a part of my life for nearly 30 years now. i couldn't imagine how i would just "walk away" from them, even if they never put out another new record.